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Giving Children the Gift of Reading.

 Children in our community have received an invaluable gift. Together Treasure Valley provided $50,000 in funding to the Wassmuth Center for Human Rights to support a sustained early childhood summer reading series program. The program launched in June 2019 at the Marilyn Shuler Classroom for Human Rights.

“Engaging a new generation of visitors in the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial, the Summer Reading Program celebrates the ideals that make us a community, including kindness, inclusion, hope, and dignity,” noted Dan Prinzing, Executive Director, Wassmuth Center for Human Rights. We echo Anne Frank’s diary entry, ‘I still believe, in spite of everything, that people are truly good at heart.’”

Greg Donaca, CPA, President and CEO of Delta Dental of Idaho and a Together Treasure Valley sponsor, added, “The Early Childhood Summer Reading Program at the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial allows children to experience the world and help them develop empathy and kindness for those around them. The future of Idaho is strengthened when we care for our neighbors. We do that through inclusion, equality, and human rights for all. Each child who attends the reading program will learn the word ‘dignity’ and what it means for the culture of our communities.

“Delta Dental of Idaho is passionate about giving back to our communities and we’re proud of our partnership with Together Treasure Valley to make this reading program possible.”

The mission of the Wassmuth Center for Human Rights is to “promote respect for human dignity and diversity through education and to foster individual responsibility to work for peace and justice”

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