Did you know: Rebecca enjoys taking out-of-town guests on a bike tour of the Boise Greenbelt.

Boise Airport
Rebecca Hupp, Airport Director

A friend is considering moving to the Treasure Valley. What’s your elevator pitch on why he or she should?

Boise is a great place to live for multiple reasons. However, one large contributing factor is how safe our city is. I love that my children can play outside in the neighborhood, and that we are able to run and bike to several local parks or hike in the Foothills. The fact that I don’t have to spend hours commuting means I have more time to do the things that are important to me. Which leads to the next thing I love about Boise: There is a lot to do! The park system, Zoo Boise, the Greenbelt, skiing, sporting events, concerts and plays — Boise has it all within easy reach.

What’s your favorite piece of public art and where in the world is it?

I’m not an expert on public art, but one that comes to mind is the Children’s Fountain in Kansas City. The fountain contains six bronze sculptures of children playing, and to me it epitomizes the simple joys of childhood.

What’s your go-to book to give a friend?

I love to give books as gifts but I don’t have a “go to book.” One of the wonderful things about books is it is so easy to personalize the gift based on the person’s interests. For people new to the Treasure Valley, I like to give them books about Boise, especially books about hiking and biking here.

If you could change one thing about the Treasure Valley, what would it be and why?

One area where the Treasure Valley could improve is its public transportation system. Without a dedicated funding source, this is easier said than done, but reliable, affordable and convenient public transportation will be important to our future as the region continues to grow. The new transportation center on Main St. is a wonderful addition. I hope that we will continue to seek and embrace future improvements to public transportation.

One of our area’s treasures is the outdoors. What’s your favorite thing to do here?

My favorite outdoor activity is spending time on the Greenbelt, whether that is riding my bike, running or walking. Sometimes, we ride Downtown to see an event like a BSU game, a concert or the Shakespeare Festival. Other times we go to our favorite neighborhood restaurant or even just for ice cream or coffee.

What “hidden gems” have you discovered living here?

The Boise Public Library is definitely one of our community’s hidden gems and one of my favorites. We are so fortunate to have a robust library system that is so much more than a collection of books. Our libraries offer an amazing selection of electronic books, magazines, music and movies that can be downloaded to your personal devices. The library also offers a variety of classes, workshops, comic con, a semi-annual book sale and even 3D printing. My boys like to attend the Pokémon group – who knew?!

What energizes your business team to work together to support the community?

The Boise Airport is actually a department of the city of Boise, so we are driven by the city’s vision to make Boise the most livable city in the country. Every day our team works toward that goal in everything we do, both professionally and personally. By its nature, the airport is often the setting for tearful goodbyes and joyful homecomings, so on a daily basis we see how our work impacts our passengers. From supporting local events and nonprofits to providing best-in-class services and facilities, we are committed to serving our community.

What lasting impression do you hope Together Treasure Valley will have?

My hope is that by combining resources, Together Treasure Valley will be able to provide funding for a wide variety of projects throughout the region that have a lasting and meaningful impact on our communities.

Name one local business leader you most admire, and tell us why.

The community leader I most admire is Mayor David Bieter. Not only is he passionate about Boise and the region, but he also is not afraid to tackle difficult issues like homelessness, public transportation and refugee integration. The city has seen tremendous growth and success in large part due to his vision and leadership. From improved Foothills access to Downtown development to new libraries and parks, the impact of his leadership is visible in so many places. His enthusiasm is contagious and he inspires people to take an active role in making our community even better.

What positive feedback has your company received about Together Treasure Valley?

I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people aware of the airport’s participation in Together Treasure Valley. Many people have asked me about TTV, what it is and how we pick our projects. Overall the feedback has been incredibly supportive. The comments about the library grants have been extremely positive, and people are enthusiastic about the early learning ABC Story Mats project. As the art projects begin to take shape, I think people are going to be excited to watch them come to fruition.

Together Treasure Valley gave $50,000 to help fund Boise’s Vista Gateway Median Arts project. Why was this an important project to fund?

Not only is the Vista corridor a major roadway for our community, it is also often one of the first and last impressions visitors have of our region. Over 3 million passengers travel through the Boise Airport on an annual basis, and most will use Vista Avenue at some point during their trip. Adding artwork to the Vista median will add community character and will help to create a sense of place.

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