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John Colgrove, President, Intermountain Division

A friend is considering moving to the Treasure Valley. What’s your elevator pitch on why they should?

The Treasure Valley is arguably one of the best places to live, work and raise a family. The community is filled with wonderful people. Throughout the year, there are a wide variety of exciting events taking place. And to top it off, you are merely a short drive away from great outdoor activities such as camping, fishing and hunting. The Treasure Valley features something for everyone!

What’s your favorite piece of public art and where in the world is it?

I would have to say my favorite piece of architectural art is the White House in Washington D.C. I accompanied my son’s boy scout troop on a tour of the White House four years ago and was in awe with the rich history throughout. Several past presidents made extremely important decisions there that effected the lives of so many and the shape of our great country.

What’s your go-to book to give a friend?

One of my favorite books, and one I would recommend to a friend, is “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey. Earlier in my career, a past executive and mentor of mine would touch on one habit from the book during our store director meetings. Those principles helped me reflect on the fundamentals to be a better leader and better communicator.

If you could change one thing about the Treasure Valley, what would it be and why?

There are so many wonderful things about the Treasure Valley and not much I would want to change. Although, as more people are finding out what a wonderful place the Treasure Valley is and therefore growth is rapid, I do see some opportunities for changes to be made to our roads to accommodate for the increase in traffic.

What is the one thing about the Treasure Valley you would never change?

One thing I hope never changes about the Treasure Valley is its culture and atmosphere. This is such a wonderfully welcoming and friendly environment.

One of our area’s treasures is the outdoors. What’s your favorite thing to do here?

My favorite thing about the area is the amazing greenbelt that runs right through the city. My family and I love to take a walk on the greenbelt to get some exercise and fresh air and see the sights.

What makes the Treasure Valley a treasure?

The greatest treasure of the Treasure Valley is our community’s commitment to giving back. I have lived in several different places in my life, but none are like the Treasure Valley’s kind and giving nature to take care of others in need among us

What “hidden gems” have you discovered living here?

One of the hidden gems in the area is our phenomenal public parks throughout the valley. They are extremely clean and well-kept and a wonderful place for family and friends to get together.

What energizes your business team to work together to support the community?

The Albertsons team is proud to give back to the community that has supported us for so many years. We are pleased to have Joe Albertson’s first store within our division and carry on Mr. Albertson’s philosophy that he began so many years ago.

What lasting impression do you hope Together Treasure Valley will have?

I think the lasting impression that Together Treasure Valley will have is its tremendous support for the community. It is amazing to see so many local businesses working together focused on making the Treasure Valley the best place to live and work.

Name one local business leader you most admire, and tell us why?

There is not just one local business leader I most admire, but an entire team. Our Albertsons Companies corporate executive team provides wonderful guidance and leadership every day. They follow in Joe Albertson’s footsteps to continue moving this company forward and mentoring upcoming leaders within our company.

What positive feedback has your company received about Together Treasure Valley?

Since I have been back in Boise, several customers and employees have thanked me for Albertsons involvement in Together Treasure Valley and its efforts, along with the many other business leaders, to support our community.

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