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Helping to update and improve the Homedale Public Library to make learning and playing more enjoyable for over 1,400 Pre-K to senior citizen patrons.

Reading is the foundation for learning. Therefore, Together Treasure Valley was pleased to provide $11,700 for some much needed updates and improvements to the public library in the city of Homedale, to  make learning and playing more enjoyable for more than 1,400 patrons. The Homedale library was built in 1980, and this funding provided improvements that included replacing the original carpet, book stacks and desks.

About Homedale, Idaho

Homedale is a city in Owyhee County, and rests peacefully on the banks of the Snake River.  It is a small town community with a variety of small farms, orchards and seasonal fruit stands and of course, Idaho’s treasured vineyards. Located 37 miles from downtown Boise, Homedale boasts an active, thriving community with many amenities you might not expect to find in a small town.