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It’s How We Roll. The Boise Bicycle Project.

Young bike riders in the Treasure Valley received a big helping hand. Together Treasure Valley, provided $25,000 to the Boise Bicycle Project in 2018 to help fund expanded Mobile Bike Repair stops and other tools, including an electric assist bicycle to pull an updated trailer into neighborhoods outside their previous reach.

“The Boise Bicycle Project donates nearly 1,000 bicycles every year to children through the Treasure Valley,” said Jimmy Hallyburton, founder and Executive Director of the Boise Bicycle Project. “We know the impact ends if their bicycles break down. Fortunately, Together Treasure Valley has made it possible to expand our mobile bike repair services and keep these kids connected to the community through pedal power! Now when we show up in neighborhoods, at apartment complexes and community centers with our mobile bike repair unit, the kids come running! Soon the tools are in their hands, their bicycles are running again and off they go!”

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